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The Truth Is Ideas Sell

Ever wondered how the corporate giants and banks grew so big? Someone must have woken up one day and said, "Hey, if I can create paper bills that people can carry around conveniently and exchange them for goods, I will be rich". It may sound absurd, but we all know that is history. Paper bills grew and banks emerged.

Our main focus is providing management consulting for finance institutions. We have various departments providing unique solutions to dedicated clients, and each department is specialised to ensure that it maximises the best of resources to obtain solutions for our clients.

At TENC, we fabricate revolutionary ideas.

Like the corporate giants, we know the secret formula to a successful venture lies in an idea. At our firm, each department is specialised to ensure that we maximise the best of our resources in obtaining solutions specially catered to your unique business model.

We have collectively provided services to international and local financial institutions, including forex brokerages and financial service providers. Our clients are based in New Zealand, Singapore, China, Taiwan and Cyprus.

Talented And Imaginative

Some of us came from the corporate sector, having been forex brokers, business consultants, and financial advisers, while others have worked in the government sector and other startup firms. We've collectively serviced international and local financial institutions. We will travel anywhere that demands our expertise.


The Naked Truth

TENC is the brainchild of two young and enterprising friends who decided to pursue their dreams. After years of slaving in the corporate sector and braving various overseas stints, they discovered that there is a need to provide corporate services to the financial institutions around the world. Armed with an entrepreneur rigor and wit, they rallied a couple of like-minded and talented friends to set up TENC.

TENC is short for The Emperor's New Clothes. Like the Hans Christian Andersen story, TENC stands for 'imagination' and 'no hypocrisy' - the two virtues you need to succeed in business. Today, we have grown from a two-men partnership to a team of fifteen that offers specialised services in Account and Risk Management, Marketing and Finance.


Our Team

TENC is a group of young, creative and unique individuals who are passionate about exploring different set of skills and opportunities. We help each other to grow and achieve beyond our own expectations.

TENC is abbreviation for The Emperor's New Clothes. Just like the Has Christian Andersen story, TENC focuses on 'imagination' and 'no hypocrisy' – the two important elements required to succeed in business.



At TENC, we offer endless opportunities with unique and attractive working culture. We believe that the best result can be achieved by embracing individual's strength and passion. We seek to find like-minded people to join the company- acting professionally and resourcefully with the best interest of you.

We are expanding in various department including Relationship Management, Risk Management, Finance and Marketing. Please contact our human resources at for further information on current job opening. .

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We are located at UOB Plaza 1, a stone's throw away from Lau Pa Sat. Even though this is the heart of Singapore's Central Business District, we think this is the friendlier side of the area.
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